The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is surrounded by Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan from the north, Yemen, South Yemen and Oman from the south, the United Arab Emirates and the Basra Gulf from the east and the Red Sea from the west in the Arabian Peninsula. The country's railway and road transport network has greatly developed. In recent years, air transport has also become very regular. The famous Hamidiye Hijaz Railway built by the Sultan Abdulhamid II, operates until Zerka. Abdulhamid Khan, in addition, had a telegraph line up to the Medina-i münevvereye.
The main ports of Saudi Arabia are Yenbu, Jeddah, Ras Tanura and Dahran ports. capital riyad. The major cities of Mekka, Medina, Gouda, Saudi Arabia economy, in 1932 with the development of petroleum, rapidly developed to the level of influence on the world economy. Oil revenues are the lifeblood of the country's economy.
The most important industry in the country is oil and products. It is the largest oil producer in the Middle East. In this respect, it is the third country of the world. Parallel to petroleum, a petrochemical industry was established. Apart from petroleum, natural gas, gold, silver and iron are also extracted



In today's fast-paced world of business, the distance is shortened by new technologies, the market for companies today is the whole world. Since 1993, ÖZGÜLER has reached important targets in the national and international markets in the areas of land transport between Turkey and the Middle East, the Republic of Turkey, and both Komple and GABARI exports.



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