Since its establishment, Özgüler Transport has been ready to provide consultancy services for the safety of hazardous materials to companies.
As the Özgüler Transport family, we have sufficient infrastructure and support to support companies in the obligation to have Özgüler Transport. We aim to provide quality and correct consultancy information to companies with the knowledge and experience we have gained in the sector.
Hazardous Material Safety Consultancy was first brought to the agenda in our country within the framework of European Union Harmonization Laws. Turkey in 2010 after the signing of enforcing the ADR Convention since 2014 began to implement the provisions of the Regulation on ADR Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road with local regulations. Thus, filling, packing, loading, sending, shipping, etc. of dangerous substances in quantities of 50 tons and above. The companies that carry out the activities are obliged to get service from the hazardous substance safety advisor.
Companies that fall under the scope of the regulation can contact us to receive consultancy services for the transportation, packaging, filling of hazardous materials and similar works.


In today's fast-paced world of business, the distance is shortened by new technologies, the market for companies today is the whole world. Since 1993, ÖZGÜLER has reached important targets in the national and international markets in the areas of land transport between Turkey and the Middle East, the Republic of Turkey, and both Komple and GABARI exports.



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