Qatar or its official name is the country that extends to the Gulf of Basra east of the Arabian Peninsula of Qatar Emirate. Bahrain in the northwest, Saudi Arabia in the west and south, and the United Arab Emirates in the east. The only border neighbor is Saudi Arabia and the other sides are surrounded by the Gulf of Basra. The capital is dohad. The most important source of oil in the country is the oil road There are over 2000 km long road in the country.
Railways have not improved. Air transportation is provided by Gulf-Air, which is the common air route of the Gulf countries. Doha Airport is the most important airport. Sea transport is provided from the ports of Saim Said and Doha. The largest amount of oil and petroleum products is sold outside. 95% of the exports of crude oil, a large portion of the rest of the natural gas field brings. It also sells ammonia and vegetables. Qatar, which receives a lot of consumptions including foodstuffs from the outside, has the biggest purchases of motor vehicles and private automobiles. They usually do business with Japan, UK, Netherlands, USA, France. important cities er-reyanen, duhan, museyid, al khor, ras laffan, el vakral, lusail, zubare



In today's fast-paced world of business, the distance is shortened by new technologies, the market for companies today is the whole world. Since 1993, ÖZGÜLER has reached important targets in the national and international markets in the areas of land transport between Turkey and the Middle East, the Republic of Turkey, and both Komple and GABARI exports.



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