Corona virus, infected by respiratory or contact method, can be understood within 2 weeks with the symptoms it shows. The virus, which can be easily spread to the environment where the sneezers are in the community without closing their mouth, can also be easily transferred through hands. So, how are the symptoms of Corona virus understood? Here is the information to know about the ways and symptoms of Corona virus protection
The symptoms known and seen in the Corona virus are as follows;
Mild or severe cough
- High fever
Shortness of breath
- Pneumonia
- Kidney failure
There is no coronavirus vaccine. However, development and treatment-related studies are ongoing.
How is it diagnosed?
Diagnosis is made by a test called polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Thanks to this test, the genetic fingerprint of the virus is determined.
So how is Corona virus diagnosed?
What are the coronovirus-protective ways of protection?
Compliance with hygienic rules
- During coughing, the mouth and nose should be covered with a disposable tissue. If there is no handkerchief, the inside of the elbow should be used.
- Hand washing (with water, soap, alcohol containing hand disinfectant)
- No contact, no handshake
- People wearing sick masks
- Animal products should be cooked thoroughly before consumption.
- Sick people must rest at home
- People suffering from cough, high fever and shortness of breath should consult a physician and share their travel history.
What is the frequency of transmission of the coronovirus?
The coronovirus occurs when several different viruses are combined. It is not an easily transmitted disease. To infect the disease, several viruses must be exposed at the same time.
How can the Corona Virus be prevented?
After the virus is received, it enters the cell. If the person is healthy, paying attention to their nutrition and sleep, the body can survive this disease. Persons returning from travel should try not to leave the house if possible, separate their toilets or disinfect them regularly. In addition, it is necessary to open the windows regularly in these seasons to ventilate the houses.
Who are the individuals at risk in Corona virus?
According to the data from China;
- No risk for children 0-9 years old
- Mortality rate increases in older ages
Mortality from coronavirus is lower than flu for the under 40s
- People who are over 50 years old and who have additional diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes, lung, cancer disease) are more likely to get caught.
According to current data, the number of people infected with the disease is 98 thousand, while the number of people who died due to this virus is 3 thousand 300. 80% of the people who are exposed to more than 50 thousand diseases are mild.
Could there be cases of Corona virus in pets?
Pets, such as domestic cats / dogs, are not expected to become infected with the New Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). However, hands should always be washed with soap and water after contact with pets. Thus, protection will be provided against other infections that can be transmitted from animals.
Source: Hurriyet


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