Özgüler Transport offers heavy transportation and crane services in ports in Turkey and around the world in parallel with the maritime transport. The non-gauged yada highway carries heavy crane loads from the factory to the port and limousine factory, which can not be transported between the countries.
Very large quantities of dry cargo, liquid and gas containerable materials are transported by sea. Nearly 92% of goods transport in the world economy is carried by sea.
It is used to transport low value (especially raw material) products where the speed factor is not very important.
  The biggest advantage is the low-cost transport model There is no transit and customs clearance between Exit-Arrival ports. It requires less investment than other modes.



In today's fast-paced world of business, the distance is shortened by new technologies, the market for companies today is the whole world. Since 1993, ÖZGÜLER has reached important targets in the national and international markets in the areas of land transport between Turkey and the Middle East, the Republic of Turkey, and both Komple and GABARI exports.



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