As always Özgüler Transport, we are always one step ahead in the construction of all kinds of construction materials, steel constructions, factory chimneys, cement mills, mold scaffolding, lumber and all other equipments.
Özgüler Transport We carry out project transportation services to our valued customers in heavy transportation and project transportation by working diligently with our experienced staff for project transportation and carrying out feasibility study in the most favorable price policy and economical way. We offer project-specific services at all costs, including Long and Wide, non-gauged highway permits. We are proud to offer every customer an idea and assistance for our customers' private transportation with alternative solutions suitable for TIR, airplane or ship combined transportation. The heavy load, which is called gabari non-load, is organized with the necessary equipment and carried by the experienced cadres with their careful work.


In today's fast-paced world of business, the distance is shortened by new technologies, the market for companies today is the whole world. Since 1993, ÖZGÜLER has reached important targets in the national and international markets in the areas of land transport between Turkey and the Middle East, the Republic of Turkey, and both Komple and GABARI exports.



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